with AlphaGuardian


Your IIOT systems are Vulnerable. Electrical. mechanical and other systems create your IIoT network and these critical infrastructure systems keep all your facilities running. From small server and telecom rooms to data centers, factories and office buildings, IIoT makes your business run. The failure of any of these operational technology systems can spell disaster for your organization. Unfortunately, the tools to protect and manage these infrastructure systems have not kept pace with the cyber world. The threats of the today’s world extend to cyber, physical and operational problems and existing monitoring systems are not equipped to handle these realities. In order to keep your sites up-and-running efficiently, you need a comprehensive approach to site management rather than putting together multiple systems in a piece-meal fashion.


AlphaGuardian provides the only integrated systems to manage cybersecurity, physical security and operational analytics for any piece of infrastructure equipment. AlphaGuardian covers you from the small server and telecom room (RackGuardian) to the Network Edge (EdgeGuardian) to the Data Center, Plant and Office Building (CyberGuardian). No other company offers protection with this scope against cyber, physical, and operational problems in your operational technology systems. Cyber hackers are locked out by its one-way data diode architecture. Physical Security is protected by our unique Tamper Analytics and Operational Security is made possible by our unique Alarm Analytics. Give us a call to see how AlphaGuardian can help you today.


Cybersecurity was once considered by facilities managers to be “someone else’s problem’, but not anymore. Cyber threats to IIoT extend to every type of electrical, mechanical and other pieces of infrastructure in your site. Simply put, your entire infrastructure footprint is vulnerable to attack due to vulnerable communications from these systems on your network. AlphaGuardian’s unique architecture allows you to securely gather monitoring data from each piece of your infrastructure while securely transmitting this data to your BMS/EMS or DCIM system via a data-diode architecture. The data-diode structure allows NO ONE to make an inbound connection, thus securing the management ports for all of your infrastructure systems.


Physical tampering with critical systems is nothing new. But, until now, there has not been a solution to keep your infrastructure tamper proof. AlphaGuardian’s exclusive Tamper Analytics™ technology has the unique ability to spotlight anyone trying to change a device setting. A real time alert for any such attempt is sent to your BMS/EMS or DCIM to insure that the intruder is stopped cold. No other system can offer this type of physical security for your critical systems


Electrical, mechanical and lighting systems are the backbone for your IIoT network but, you rely on human set alarms and management algorithms to operate these systems. Human chosen set-points can be very costly from an operational efficiency standpoint. Human set alarm high and low limits can flood you with nuisance alarms every time you have the smallest event. Human set alarms can also result in missed alarms that are truly critical. AlphaGuardian’s unique Operational Analytics create the only system that can truly learn the normal operating parameter of each of your systems. This means NO MORE nuisance alarms or alarm floods at your BMS/EMS and it ensures that you get the alarms on time.


Securing the IIoT at individual sites is a huge task and one that has not been done well until now. AlphaGuardian not only secures your local equipment communication with your BMS but, we also provide secure remote communications from your disbursed sites. CyberGuardian and RackGuardian both include a unique cloud-based management system that removes any distance limitations between the device being protected and your BMS/EMS or DCIM system. This means that, with AlphaGuardian, you can secure all your sites using the same technology.