Cyber Vulnerabilities in Server Room Monitoring Units

Greetings and welcome back!  This week we take a look at a very intriguing subject: Cyber Vulnerabilities in Server Room Monitoring Units.  Server rooms and network closets store and transport critical data to and from your site.  Because of this, its common to purchase server room monitoring units or network closet monitoring units to monitor the critical power, environment and security in these rooms.  The problem is: these monitoring units can actually open up your data to hackers – more than offsetting the value of their monitoring data.

cyber vulnerabilities in server room monitoring

To begin with, the standard form of communications for room monitoring units is SNMP.  As we have noted many times in this blog, SNMPv3 – the latest version of SNMP – has been hacked and no longer provides a safe means of monitoring communications.  This excellent presentation from Nigel Lawrence and Patrick Traynor of the Georgia Institute of Technology, shows how insecure this protocol has become.  It should not be surprising that SNMPv3 is no longer a secure communications option as the protocol was adopted over 15 years ago.  This legacy protocol creates the opening for vulnerabilities in server room monitoring.

To take a closer look at this problem, let’s consider that products in this industry are made by a wide range of manufactures and, not surprisingly, have a wide range of vulnerabilities.  Because SNMP units self-identify themselves and, because it is easy to find such units on the Internet using the Shodan Search Engine and we were able to find hundreds of thousands of SNMP devices in the U.S. alone – most of which are in end-user or customer sites and attached to cable modems.  Many of these devices are in small server rooms, network closets and remote network sites.  All of them are hackable by an individual of even modest skill level.  All that any hacker needs to do is simply use Shodan to hone-in on their targets and then launch an attack.

Vulnerabilities in Server Room Monitoring Units

So how do you fulfill you need to monitor your small or remote sites while ensuring their security at the same time?  Fortunately, that is the purpose for which AlphaGuardian was created.  AlphaGuardian provides products that can creates a stealth shield around any SNMP device while it monitors that device securely, and pushes its data by encrypted communication to our secure cloud system.  That allows you to monitor any device, in any location with total security.

Please think about this and if you would like to have a confidential conversation about securely monitoring your small rooms and remote locations, please give us a call.

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