CyberGuardian – Secure Remote IIoT Management

You need to monitor data from your remote IIoT devices but, you must also keep them secure from cyber and physical attacks. CyberGuardian is the only product that can both monitor all operational data from your IIoT systems and secure them from cyber and physical attacks.   CyberGuardian is the perfect solution for remotely monitoring critical IIoT systems including:

    • Inverters
    • Backup Generators
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    • Rectifiers

All of these systems communicate with legacy protocols that are vulnerable to being hacked by anyone with the will to do so.  These protocols are listed below with links to peer-reviewed research showing their specific vulnerabilities to cyber, physical and operational attacks:

Hackers now routinely target monitoring systems that use these protocols due the lack of security between the SNMP, Modbus and BACnet devices and the monitoring consoles.  In order to securely monitor any system with one of these protocols, you need to go beyond open monitoring of your remote sites and, instead provide full site protection from Cyber, Physical and Operational problems.  CyberGuardian’s patented technology provides the world’s first truly secure remote monitoring platform for your IIoT devices and it provides complete protection from all threats to your site and its equipment.

CyberGuardian Provides Secure Remote Monitoring for Critical Systems.

Power, cooling and network systems use communications protocols that open you up to system attacks.  CyberGuardian stops hackers dead in their tracks with its integrated firewall to block ANY attempt to connect with the systems that it monitors and protects.  In addition, as it monitors data from your critical SNMP, Modbus and BACnet-base systems, CyberGuardian uses its on-board analytics to continuously scan for any potential cyber, physical or operational anomaly.  It regularly sends all information gathered from your systems via a Military-Grade encrypted link to our secure AlphaGuardian Cloud Server. CyberGuardian secures all IIoT systems that it monitors inside its Cyber-Safe-Envelope to provide you with fully secure monitoring capabilities from any location.

How Does It Work?

Setup: CyberGuardian is remarkably easy to set up.  To set it up, you simply connect the Private Network port on a CyberGuardian unit to a network switch and then connect that switch with up to 8 Modbus, BACnet or SNMP devices.  You then connect the LAN port of the CyberGuardian to your company network.  The CyberGuardian then automatically connects to the AlphaGuardian Cloud system and initializes all parameters.  From that point, you log into the Cloud and set up the devices to which the CyberGuardian is connected and add your contact information.  At that point, you’re all set to go!

Monitoring Capabilities: CyberGuardian monitors each piece of your IIoT equipment by continuously polling each Modbus, BACnet or SNMP device.  The CyberGuardian includes our patented on-board analytics engine to automatically learn the normal operating parameters of each device as it goes.  That allows the unit to provide statistically-based high and low alarm limits that human set alarms can never match.  Traditional monitoring systems flood you with nuisance alarms or simply miss critical events.  The analytics engine in CyberGuardian will ensure that you receive an instant alarm for a statistically significant event and, that you will never miss a statistically significant event.  This analytics engine also ensures that you will never receive nuisance alarms which cost you valuable time.  This feature can save you countless hours of wasted time chasing down false alarms and ensures that your staff is focused on real site problems – not imaginary ones.

Forward Looking Cloud Analytics: CyberGuardian sends all of its information to the AlphaGuardian Cloud system once each minute.  That information is further analyzed with our patented Cloud-analytics which peer deeply into the operating data being polling from your IIoT devices.  With our proprietary algorithms, the AlphaGuardian Cloud provides a unique feature know as the “Next Alarm” tab.  This allows you to view which devices in your various locations are closest to their alarm points and what individual component of that system is the closest to triggering an alarm.  While many talk about the need for proactive maintenance, this patented feature is the only one that can truly allow you to always keep one step ahead of trouble.

Instant Mobile Alarm Delivery: When an alarm is spotted by CyberGuardian’s on-board analytics engine, it interrupts its normal cycle of pushing data to the Cloud once per minute and it immediately pushes an alert to the Cloud and the Cloud immediately sends this to your IOS device for display.  In normal operations, this entire process takes less than 2 seconds from alarm to delivery on your IOS Mobile device.  There is no system that is presently capable of delivering an alert faster and more reliably than the CyberGuardian system with its IOS App.

Please give us a call today and let us discuss your remote site monitoring needs.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you!